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I finally decided to post a blog. Sorry it took this long. I'm SO sure... you've been waiting with great enthusiasm to what I was going to type as my first blog on this site! (Yeah right!)


The next few weeks of my life will be very interesting. I'm glad to have the morning show as an outlet to share with you everything that's happening. On October 5th, I marry my bestest friend in the whole word. After 6 years... I figured I owed it to her... and her dad. Haha.


My soon to be wifey and me...


It's a very exciting... yet... you know... slightly scary time in life. This is it. My life will soon be dedicated to someone fully. My biggest fear is not being a good husband. I figure if I learn "yes dear" and "you're totally right dear" it'll get me one step closer to success! Oh... and for all of the listeners with the great advice on marriage... I appreciate it. Accept the one's who tell me to run away! That's just cold! Ha!

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