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A List Of 21 PG Rated Movies That Are Terrifying!

If you're looking for a good, scary movie that's at least somewhat family-friendly, there's a list online of 21 PG-Rated Movies That Are Actually Terrifying.  Check it out . . .



1.  "Jaws",  1975.  This one would have probably been PG-13, if that rating had existed at the time.  But that rating wasn't created until July of 1984.



2.  "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory",  1971.  There are some pretty trippy scenes . . . plus the fact that Wonka doesn't seem to care if any of these kids live or die.



3.  "Poltergeist",  1982.  Another one that probably would have been PG-13.  One guy rips his face off and there's an evil clown doll among other things.



4.  "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom",  1984.  This one has sacrificial heart-ripping and monkey brain-eating.  The PG-13 rating was instituted not long after this one came out.



5.  "Ghostbusters",  1984.  There's the scary librarian ghost, not to mention Sigourney Weaver's possession.



6.  "Mommie Dearest",  1981.  Faye Dunaway is easily one of the worst, if not the most terrifying, movie moms of all time.



7.  "The Witches",  1990.  It's based on a Roald Dahl story, just like "Wonka".  That guy's children's books were pretty subversive.



8.  "Coraline",  2009.  It's about, quote, "a monster who lures children away in order to try and trick them into having buttons sewn on their eyes."



9.  "Return to Oz",  1985.  There's a headless witch, a scene where Dorothy is strapped down for electroshock treatment and more.



10.  "Beetlejuice",  1988.  Lots of creepy imagery . . . including Beetlejuice himself.



11.  "The Birds",  1963.  Children are menaced and people are pecked to death.



12.  "Little Monsters",  1989.  A monster's face melts off, and another monster rips a child's head off.



13.  "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian",  2008.  There are some gnarly fight scenes, including one in which a guy is crushed by a gate.



14.  "Gremlins",  1984.  This one has a wicked sense of humor and plenty of violence.



15.  "The Wizard of Oz",  1939.  The flying monkeys . . . the Wicked Witch . . . the dark forest.  There's plenty to scare the crap out of kids.



16.  "The Nightmare Before Christmas",  1993.  The Oogie Boogie Man and the Doctor are pretty creepy characters.  Plus Sally keeps losing limbs and having to sew them back on.



17.  "The Neverending Story",  1984.  There's a scary wolf . . . and a scene with the hero's horse that will TRAUMATIZE your kids.



18.  "Anastasia",  1997.  Anastasia's family is massacred.  And of course there's also Rasputin and his evil magic.



19.  "Labyrinth",  1986.  David Bowie steals a baby and there are characters who rip their own bodies apart.



20.  "The Dark Crystal",  1982.  The evil Skeksis are lizard-like creatures who look like buzzards.



21.  "Hocus Pocus",  1993.  Witches sucking out the souls of little children.

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