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Music Videos Banned From TV:

I am a huge fan of loudwire.com! They're awesome at bringing the biggest rock news, and they put together some greats articles! They released a list of banned music videos from television and I wanted to share them here! Check them out below!






When Tool were just beginning to become modern-day legends, the band released a stop-motion animated video for ‘Prison Sex,’ the second single from ‘Undertow.’ The clip consists of no violence or nudity, but was banned for its ability to tap into human emotion.


The masterfully imaginative and thought-provoking video for the 1993 track was created and directed by guitarist Adam Jones, who has a wealth of previous experience in art direction and animation, most notably for the movie ‘Jurassic Park.’ Due to what was called “disturbing content,” ‘Prison Sex’ was removed from MTV’s rotation, although that didn’t stop the video from grabbing a nomination for Best Special Effects at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.





Religion is always a touchy subject when attempting to create an artistic statement. Grunge legends Soundgarden were placed in the crosshairs of political correctness after releasing their video for ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ in 1991.


From the band’s 1991 album, ‘Badmotorfinger,’ the music video showcased a stupendous amount of crosses, both right-side-up and upside down, along with crucifixions of a woman, a skeleton and vegetables crucified in human form. With various Christian viewers misunderstanding the song and video as anti-Christian, even leading to Soundgarden receiving death threats for ‘Jesus Christ Pose.’ MTV banned ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ in 1991, and has reportedly never been shown on the channel since.





Before Paris Hilton made night vision famous, the Foo Fighters utilized the technique to make us all uncomfortable. The band, who often inject humor into their videos, drove a bit off the path in their video for ‘Low.’ Starring hillbilly versions of Dave Grohl and Tenacious D‘s Jack Black, the flick depicts the duo trashing a hotel room while getting wasted.


Things start getting weird in ‘Low’ when both Grohl and Black begin to cross-dress in skimpy women’s clothing before getting nasty with each other while a night-vision camera records the entire affair.

The video was banned by MTV for its content in 2003.

Although it never gets too explicit, it still makes us feel icky.





There’s no doubt that Billy Idol‘s ‘Cradle of Love’ was a steamy video with a seemingly innocent young woman doing her best seduction routine on an older businessman, but it wasn’t the sexual content or age differential that set off the warning signs for MTV. Rather, it was the insertion of film clips from ‘The Adventures of Ford Fairlane’ that had the network initially balking.


The movie starred Andrew Dice Clay, whose “adult nursery rhymes” routine at the MTV Awards in 1989 earned him a lifetime ban from the network. Rather than risk not being played on the popular music video network, a new cut minus the Dice Clay movie scenes was presented for MTV and allowed to air.





Motley Crue‘s love of a good time and excess was at its height in the mid-’80s and they decided to show some of that with their video for ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ The band ended up shooting a video for the stripper anthem at Los Angeles’ Seventh Veil strip club, one of their favorite hangouts.


But, as expected, the nudity in the video proved to be an issue getting the clip to air. After being denied by MTV on the first take, a second nudity-free clip was shot using some of the strippers now scantily clad, dancing to the song and keeping the same general theme but without the nudity.





For sheer shock value, few videos can compete with the Prodigy‘s extremely controversial clip for ‘Smack My Bitch Up,’ which is a far edgier than most that came before it. The song itself was controversial due to the lyrics — the line ”Change my pitch up / Smack my bitch up” was widely considered misogynistic, though the band insisted it simply meant “…doing anything intensely”.


It depicts a night out in the city full of drinking and driving, a hit-and-run incident, cocaine and heroin use, violence, vomiting, vandalism, nudity and a full-on sex scene.

The edited version, seen below, cuts out the heroin, hit-and-run and graphic sex, but both versions have the surprise twist ending. Spoiler alert: When the protagonist glances in the mirror, it’s revealed to be a woman.





Nine Ince Nails‘ 1994 music video for ‘Closer’ has remained one of the most discussed and controversial clips MTV ever decided to air, but before that, the band pushed the limits with ‘Happiness in Slavery.’


The video for the 1992 track features a man being both tortured and pleasured by a machine resembling a demented dentist’s chair, with the man’s blood being used as fertilizer for a garden beneath him. Due to shots of nudity and violence leading to the man’s death, the video was almost universally banned by TV networks.


Nine Inch Nails: Happiness In Slavery (Uncensored) (1992) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.


I'm sure there is plenty of others, but this is what loudwire focuses on and I enjoyed checking out the list! Hope you did too!


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