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A Listener E-mail: Man Up!


As Manuary comes to an end, so will the man up campaign! This is our yearly reminder to men. We want you to MAN UP! Get your yearly physical. Get your yearly check-up! A listener sent us this e-mail and I felt the need to share it with you. Nothing has been edited.


To all of our radio listening fans I have a short story to tell you.  If you think you are invincible and impervious to medical meelee's I have got news for you.

July 20th 2012 I was up and about doing the manly things that we guys do. I started at about 5am.  Came in the house and had coffee with the wife.  Went back out about 6:15 and trimmed some trees with an extendible saw.  Came in and had breakfast with the wife, had some more coffee.  I had never felt more energetic.  Went outside about 8 am and the wife came out to the mancave and asked if I felt up to cutting down an old apple tree.  No problem, the heatwave was over and I grabbed the chainsaw and went at it.  All manly stuff that morning.  
  As soon as I finished with the last cut and felled the tree I started brushing it and my wife was giving me the universal stop sign , ya know the one, hand slicing the neck!  
  I turned off the saw, set it on the ground, stood erect and man did I ever have a pain.  The pain was in the center of my chin.  It felt like someone planted an axe right in the center of it.
  My wife asked what was wrong and I exclaimed that I was in dire pain!  My hands were vibrating, not your normal, they had fallen asleep, feeling, but it felt like I was still holding that chainsaw at wide open throttle, it was travelling up both arms.
  I walked in the house and being at that ripe old age of 56 I decided to take my 81 mg of aspirin as the doctor's have told me to do.  Yes, every year since I turned 50 and at peak performance I have a physical, every year like clockwork.  Blood Pressure perfect for my 200 pound frame that I have had since high school and yes, I still have a pair of jeans from that era that I still fit in to.  Never have had a cholesterol problem and my resting pulse rate is still 59-60 every single day.
  My loving wife looks at me and asks what do you want to do?  I told her to either take me to the health center or take me to the ambulance garage.
  We went to the ambulance garage.  
  The story is great from this part on but we are talking Manuary.  My point:  I coded 5 times that day.  Yep, I had the burn marks to prove it.  I had a classic heart attack.  2 days later I had another one!  They were deemed Widowmakers, yep, both of them.
  • Myocardial infarction
    Consult a doctor if you have a medical concern.
  • A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of your heart is blocked for a long enough time that part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies. The medical term for this is myocardial infarction.
  • widow maker is a nickname used to describe a highly stenotic left main coronary artery or proximal left anterior descending coronary artery of the heart.
  • Yep, twice, wasn't I the lucky one, hell yes!  Because I am still here.  I survived!
  • So guys, put the ego away!  Don't ever let it convince you that maybe it will go away.  Be honest with your attending physician and make them your newest best friend.
  • Literally I killed myself!  I had smoked for 46 years!  I have consumed table salt for longer and my diet had never ever been right.   I was smarter tha the surgeon general, my own doctor and all of my friends.  Look where it took me.   Go man up and see the Doctor, have an annual physical, be freaking honest with them. 
  • I have since July 20th, 2012 quit smoking, quit table salt and look at the prepacked foods I buy to reduce my salt intake and am limiting myself to red meat 3 times a month.  You think I am nuts, try dying 9 times in 2 days.   That is nuts!  So , be me, be in and think you are in the greatest shape of your life, you might end up like me, and you might not.




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